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A Soul Contract Reading

A soul contract reading can help you find your path in life and realise your dreams:

  • To make sense of your experiences and put them into perspective.
  • To open to a deep level of understanding and awareness about yourself – your purpose, passion, challenges and talents.
  • To find your potential and understand where you are in this life.
  • To identify ways of moving forward in life and map your next steps.
  • To have a clearer understanding of your significant relationships.

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Shamanic Counselling

This process will support you in finding ways of dealing with life transitions and decisions that fit with who you are, and to make changes that you long to make confidently. This process will help you become your own counsellor and to:

  • Resolve an immediate challenge or ones that seems to keep recurring.
  • Access ideas, confidence and courage that you did not know you had, in order to take your next steps.
  • Learn how to listen to and trust your own inner knowing, so you do not always need to defer to others.

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Visual Medicine

Visual Medicine is a simple no brush painting process which enables anyone to explore, unblock and enrich their creative practice through the use of paint. It is a creative spiritual practice that allows images of your own soul landscape to emerge. It was developed by artist and psychotherapist Suzette Clough with whom I have trained and worked for many years.

Practicing Visual Medicine will teach you how to hold conversations with your paintings allowing you to learn how these energetic templates can speak to you. Asking questions, learning to listen inwards,, being open to communication from the natural world and being present to answers as they are revealed is at the heart of many spiritual traditions and practices.
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