Shamanic Counselling

soul-pathways-coachingShamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind dating back thousands of years and the fact that the practices have survived and thrived as a living oral tradition tell of its potency. Since the 1960’s there has been a growing interest in shamanic methods and practices due in a large part to the work of anthropologist Michael Harner. Shamanism is distinguished by the shamanic journey to which there are no rules only principles.

Harner Shamanic Counselling is a method developed by Michael Harner that combines shamanic journeying with modern technology to allow you autonomy in obtaining answers to questions that are important to you.

My role is to provide you with a safe comfortable environment and teach you the process so you can act as your own shaman. Because the journey is recorded, the information is yours to access, allowing you to reflect and interpret further.

It is an empowering process that once learnt you can continue to do on your own when needed.

I have studied and worked with various shamanic healing practices at the Foundation of Shamanic Studies in California and the Sacred Trust in Dorset and believe this offers us an opportunity to become who we really are, not what society says we should be.

What clients have said about this process;

Being at a crossroads I felt drawn to do the HSC with Jane. I experienced this approach to be of great integrity, respectful and very empowering. For me shamanic journeying is a powerful tool for growth, understanding and insight into myself.

Jane, a wise woman, encouraged and supported me to think more deeply, and I started to discover l who I really am and accept myself as good enough, feminine, playful creative and adventurous! I have gained self respect and the motivation to not shy away from living my life.

‘Jane is very grounded and guided me through our sessions together with intuition, intelligence, compassion, empathy and a gentle kindness which creates a very safe environment to dive into inner journey work’