Soul Contract Reading

One doesn’t become enlightened by imagining light but by making the darkness conscious
C.G. Jung

soul-contract-readingWondering what your life is about and ready to explore another layer of self understanding? Want to discover the talents you have and learn from your life experiences? Looking for greater clarity about where you are heading?

Do you want to connect and awaken to the blueprint for your life – your purpose, passion, talents, and challenges and map your next steps?

A Soul Contract Reading will help you understand all these questions and more. Worked out using an ancient process of Hebrew numerology and your birth name, a Soul Contract is a gentle interpretation of your life challenges, innate talents, your goals and destiny – on physical and spiritual levels.

I will interpret your contract, help you put your life experiences in perspective and work with you to explore ways for living your truth in the next stages of your life’s journey.

You can also choose to explore the dynamics of your significant relationships with others on your life through a Soul Contract overlay.

The reading can include the implication of any nicknames or name changes you have been given or taken on, and even the name of your business.

Joy and woe are woven fine, A clothing for the soul divine
William Blake

What people have said about their Soul Contract Reading
‘Jane carried out the session with real care, human contact and professionalism. I would not hesitate in recommending a reading to anyone – it was enlightening’

‘I didn’t know what to expect from the Soul Contract reading, in fact I was a little afraid. However it was the most illuminating thing I have done – an extremely endearing and worthwhile experience’

‘Very clearly explained and interpreted in the form of a discussion, this was both supportive and affirming.’

‘Jane helped me think through how my soul contract has manifested in my life and what I needed to focus on at this stage of my life. She knows her subject well and also has a depth of wisdom she shares willingly.’

‘I was touched by the connection and overlay influence of the significant people in my life – it is very revealing and exciting.’


‘I was fascinated by the Soul Contract. There is a lot to take in and so much food for thought I have listened to the recording several times already and shall do so again’

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