Visual Medicine

At the very heart of creativity is the mystery of spiritual strength
Julia Cameron

Visual-Medicine-7Visual Medicine is a simple, no-brush painting process originated by the artist and psychotherapist Suzette Clough with whom I have trained and worked for many years. The paintings are made by scooping acrylic paint onto water colour paper and allowing the paintings to find their own energetic shape. The results can be aesthetically pleasing, complex and reflecting the underlying forms that exist in all nature.

Healing through Visual Medicine
Making Visual Medicine paintings is a right brain process closer to giving birth to images, allowing the painting to come through you rather than painting from the outer look of something. It is a practice of being naturally creative and being in the moment.

It enables anyone to:

  • Explore, unblock and enrich their own creative practice through painting
  • Leave behind that critical voice that stops that creative part of yourself
  • Connect and hold conversations with your paintings and learn how these templates from within you can speak to you
  • Learn how to listen inwards and be open to communication from your heart
  • Encounter the immediate power and beauty of your own creativity

An important element of this process is taking time to be with our paintings, allowing the inner language of them to speak to us and over time becoming familiar with the language of this other part of ourselves and so begin to know more who we truly are.

How to access Visual Medicine
I run regular small groups workshops called Insights Through Paint where we use Visual Medicine. We paint, journal, share and reflect on our work with fellow explorers. There are also regular taster sessions for the curious.

World power means nothing only the unsayable jewelled inner life matters

Find out more: Contact me now for an initial chat about how Visual Medicine could help you discover your own soul pathway

What clients say about their experience of ‘Visual Medicine’

‘Jane as a facilitator is very grounded, present and walks her talk.’

‘The enjoyment for me is the simplicity of the process – the simple act of ‘playing’ without any expectations brings with it an awareness and freedom from my distant past with no critical voice about how it should be. It is a process that is both liberating and thrilling.’

‘The painting process offers a valuable opportunity for reflection especially when I get a painting that seems to speak to me on some level – it is like I am connecting with another part of myself’

I can become very absorbed in the painting process, and thoughts arise that bring clarity and sometimes surprising insights – not unlike a meditative process – the work is happening on a level other than a conscious one.

2014 was a very challenging year for me and I am so grateful that I discovered Jane and Visual Medicine; it has really helped me heal, deepened the connection with myself and navigate a difficult year with grace despite the turmoil.

‘What I love about this work is the sense of play and freedom it has at the same time as being powerfully transformative and revealing’.

‘It is the process rather than the end product that so affected me. A deep inner journey touching on profound memories of hurt and joy, revealing to me a self half forgotten and finally emerging into a sense of acceptance and completion.’

I had long felt a desire to express myself creatively with paint as I had the feeling something inside was blocked…………it was a thrill to like what I created as well as to feel a release from that ‘blockedness’

‘I have been working for Jane for over a year now. I always know she will create a wonderfully relaxed and empathetic environment to paint in’